Gourmet Food Stores in LA

Some food stores offer the discerning shopper gourmet food items such as homemade baked goods, local cheeses, artisan condiments, and fancy confectionery. From Silverlake to Santa Monica, shoppers and others with food restrictions and certain allergies have a wide range of gourmet markets to get their organic and healthy options. Some of them are as outlined below:

Eataly L.A.

Operating in Westfield Century City, this store boasts of a vibrant Italian marketplace with a cooking school, counters, and restaurants. Such a unique set attracts customers to not only eat but also shop and learn about the high-quality Italian food and drinks. As they taste the culinary delights, they also find ingredients and attend classes. The spacious three-floor shop allows customers to browse local products with fresh ingredients and grab a delicious bite at the numerous food joints like La Piazza, La Pizza & La Pasta, and the Terra restaurant at the rooftop.

Erewhon Market

This family-owned shop has numerous outlets in LA, including Venice, Calabasas and Beverly Grove. It’s popular for its 100% organic produce and the signature chef-inspired dishes and tonic bar. They strive to offer healthy, pure and nutrient-rich products to its clients while inspiring customers to eater better and less to live longer. Some of the specialties at this shop include sushi, organic salad, sugar-free cold-pressed juice, as well as gluten-free and vegan items.


For a highlight of California’s ingredients with a European blend, go to this modern restaurant and wine bar. It’s a popular 24/7 neighborhood canteen that serves the creative community of the Hayden Tract. You’ll get food and gift boxes for European canned meat, jams, and jellies, an eclectic menu of California wines and other perfect gourmet foods. Its all-day operation enables the locals and visitors alike to pop in to eat and drink their preferred dishes.